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Managing Director Ke Jiandong attended “Hamburg Summit” and “The Global Chinese Business Forum”
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    On Oct. 9th to 16th,2014,Managing director Ke Jiandong,along with the China Federation of Industrial Economics delegation visited Germany,Italy,and attended the sixth Hamburg Summit in Hamburg and the tenth Global Chinese Business Forum in Milan
    Initiated by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and China Federation of Industrial economics in 2004,the Hamburg Summit 2014 lists topics such as EU-China trade relations,the future of China’s economic system,the greening of Chinese economy,urbanization as part of China''''''''s reform strategy,financial reform,service industry development,and the internet of things,etc. The Global Chinese Business Forum begins from 2005,jointly hosted by China Federation of Industrial economics and foreign host and government. The topics for 2014 involves of the outlook of China and the global economic,financial market reform,urbanization,leapfrog development of China in the future,made-in-China to created-in-China,globalization investment,how to develop multinational companies,the leadership of enterprise,etc.
On Oct. 11th,Premier of the State Council of China held a keynote speech “Set a New Example of Mutual Benefit and Win-Win Cooperation”. He stressed that the growth of high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing faster than the entire secondary industry,the adjustment and improvement of industrial structure has progressed by leaps and bounds. Next step,we will further enhance reform and innovation. In addition to removing systemic obstacles,we will also address structural problems by strengthening weak links in development and in the real economy.
    On Oct. 14th,Mr. Ke Jiandong attended the tenth Global Chinese Business Forum in Milan,participated in the "China and the world economic outlook" and “the future of Chinese enterprises”conference. Also,Mr. Ke had a speech in forum “the enterprise leadership under the China background”. He pointed out that along with the Chinese economy getting into low speed growth,growing pain of structural adjustment,preliminary stimulus digestion,Chinese weighing enterprises enter a new normal transition period,calling the new strategy,new ideas,new action,new power,which requires the talents cultivation,system reform,structure optimization,technical innovation. We need to find a new way to upgrade and transformation. He pointed out that with China''''''''s economic growth economy into the schedule change,structural adjustment pains,pre-stimulus “three overlay” era policy digestion period,the Chinese enterprises to enter the new transition,calling for new strategies,new ideas,new actions,new power,which requires from personnel training,institutional reform,structural optimization,technological innovation,to find a new way out of the elements upgrade continuously help to upgrade.
    Meanwhile,Chinese enterprises should seize opportunities firece competition,one must create new competitive advantages: First,incorporate the mission and social values,Transformation of the way IBM is focused on products and dedicated service and fully respected. The second is to establish a corporate character. It can be said that Keli Weighing enterprise emphasizes character,perseverance,dedication,self-discipline. The third is the sharp insight. Market capacity,change channels,talent development,development orientation,listening to the inner heart of customerst. Fourth,establish a people-centered learning and training models,continue to strengthen self-improvement and self-improvement. Fifth,with the core competitiveness. Through technical innovation,marketing innovation,cultural innovation to create an irreplaceable,not copied enterprise,industry,or even chain. Fifth,insist on the implementation of talent strategy,through the advanced management concepts and institutional mechanisms to stimulate people''''''''s potential.
Six is to implement reform. While focusing on professional field or related fields ,to ex ecute self-revolution,get rid of the old that is not suitable for enterprises to upgrade or expand effective investment in shackles and bondage,promote diversified development strategy,through change continuously enhance the development of endurance and stamina,as Prime Minister Speaking: Reform is also a stimulus to the economy. Therefore,Chinese weighing companies have to get a clear positioning,implementation of strategic concentration,and optimize the allocation of resources,the use of management innovation,through the development of the leadership change,culture,values the depth of integration,in order to promote China weighing industry in the process of globalization for development green economy and national industry to establish a benchmark of economic transformation and upgrading,and to promote the real economy,China has become the world''''''''s economy,big and strong industry.
    Through this visit,we can get a in-depth understanding of the European and international market and future prospects of economic development trends,and create favorable conditions for the further implementation of Keli internationalization strategy. (Text:President Assistant Office)
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